Is Smokey Mountain Secure? Smokey Mountain is thought of as a Secure selection to smokeless tobacco. Smokey Mountain follows FDA tips, and simplest uses FDA licensed food grade ingredients. Smokey Mountain is manufactured in an inspected food grade manufacturing facility. What are the Ingredients? Smokey Mountain Snuff – Molasses, corn silk, water , glycerine, salt, flavor/oil (e.g., wintergreen), red clover, sodium bicarbonate, propylene glycol (food grade), ginseng, guarana, food colour, methyl & propyl paraban (preservatives) cayenne pepper. Smokey Mountain Pouches – Semolina (wheat), flavor (e.g., peppermint), menthol, chocolate (milk), corn, aspartame, licorice, xylitol, cayenne pepper.

Non-tobacco, herbal chew
Suitable for eating, Secure to swallow
Non-addictive, healthy selection to chewing tobacco and cigarettes
To be had in a few flavors


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