Eitheo Great decor: for walls, reading rooms, homes, shops, and restaurants, to let people know how you love and feel comfortable in the place you decorated with it. Decoration activities: Neon signs are small, lightweight, and can be used to decorate your quite a lot of activities. You’ll write or draw anything you wish to have to say on the message board. Variety of styles: With 13 different color pens write or draw on a dry erase board or, draw your plans, messages, or drawings. Provides a lot of styles to make a choice from, which can be used as gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, family, lovers, girlfriends, girls, and children. The acrylic dry erase board comes with a USB power supply. When you finish writing or drawing, you wish to have to turn on the power supply, or You’ll choose not to. As you write or draw, each letter or stroke will glow when the power is turned on. Erasable Rewritable Message Board Acrylic Lamp The light is soft and not dazzling, suitable for bedside lamps. Erasable acrylic lamp, equipped with a pen, easy to carry, suitable for children to scribble, and develop their imagination and painting ability. Before going to bed, write down a list of what to do the next day to come, put it next to the bed, and You’ll see it when you wake up. The light is soft and not dazzling and can be used as a night light. Write the best-selling items and display them at the front desk, on the way to be more eye-catching. Suitable for coffee shops, hotels, parties, bars, etc. Writing Graffiti. Can be used as a fun graffiti board for children, stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, and enjoy an interesting life.

Please remove the double-sided protective film of the acrylic board before use. Write or draw what you wish to have on the acrylic board, adjust the angle of the tripod, and put the note board on the tripod. It may be wiped with the cloth or paper towel of the product itself. The board is powered by USB, charge by plug, power bank, phone chargers or computer, You’ll use any plug with USB port.
Writable decorative light with pen, which makes your writing or painting in a more attractive environment. The product is equipped with an angle-adjustable tripod, and the dry erase board can be placed at a suitable angle. With 11 + 2(white) colour pen, You’ll write or draw at will, easy to clean with 2 cleaning rag cloth , can be used repeatedly.
As a note glass led board, write down your work plan, study plan, or to-do list. As a message board, leave a message to your family, colleagues or friends, featured message board, I think they’ll notice your message very quickly. As a fun note glass board, use 13 colour pens to draw your favourite works. It can also be used as a small blackboard
Clear acrylic dry erase board with light, classic, fashionable and clear appearance design, perfect for the office, home, or any other environment, glow memo the fashion design adds a unique charm to your desktop. Funny Children’s Day gifts for your daughter or son


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