The iCucina is a 7-in-1 countertop oven that replaces seven appliances with one. With the simple turn of the dials, you have access to 7 cooking functions perfect for an assortment of meats, veggies, and side dishes. Plus, since the microwave converts into the oven on this innovative kitchen item, you save valuable countertop space–and your kitchen can stay clutter free! This unique microwave oven is compact enough to tuck away on the countertop, but powerful enough to cook for your family–saving you time and energy! This multifunctional appliance is also equipped with an easy-to.With 7 cooking functions, iCucina lets you turn out a wide variety of delicious results ā€“ from crispy french fries to meltingly tender sweet potato fries, to beautifully browned flavored chops and more. Plus, you can bring a grilled steak indoors without the risk of grease flare-ups or smoke. It’s all there ā€“ fast and easy ā€“ in one compact appliance that fits easily on your countertop.Imagine all the possibilities. From crispy, golden brown toast to tasty, succulent grilled meats to crispy-outside, yet soft-inside air-fried french fries without the guilt. Achieve results in no time at all with the simple turn of a dial to select your favorite cooking features. The iCucina enables you to achieve delicious culinary masterpieces without buying an entirely new appliance wardrobe.

SAVE SPACE, MONEY, AND TIMEšŸ‘Œ: Our 1800 Watt Toaster oven Air Fryer Combo is the perfect size for your kitchen countertop. Enjoy a countertop convection oven that also acts as an air fryer! With control up to 450Ā° of heat, a dedicated toast timer, and rapid 360Ā° air circulation for a quicker cook time, cooking has never been so simple and delicious!
SIMPLE AND MULTIFUNCTIONALāš™ļø: With the simple turn of the dials, you have access to 7 cooking functions: warm, broil, convection broil, toast, bake, convection bake, and air fry.
EAT HEALTHY AND GUILT FREEšŸ„¦: Cook all of your fried favorites without the calories! Embrace your inner foodie without the guilt and consume up to 85% less fat!
EASY TO CLEANšŸ§¼: Nonstick coating with galvanized walls make the accessory simple to clean! Accessories include a baking rack, air fryer basket, broil pan, and crumb tray. All accessories are dishwasher-safe parts.
HEALTHY AND SAFEāš”ļø: We guarantee the safest and most advanced food technology. Ptfe-free and approved for food-related purposes.


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