Our fine mesh are make of durable 304 stainless steel, Just want to be cleaned stainless steel strainers in time, soft food will not stick to the hard stainless steel. Place the fine mesh in the water and shake it gently, and you’re going to get a brand spanking new one. Our colander sieve sifters are ideal for flour, sugar, spices, rice, cocoa powder; clumpy dry baby cereals, ground oatmeal, fry; pasta noodle, fruit, bean, vegetables, juice and the like. The extra fine mesh strainers nets easily catch and sift, strain or drain the smallest ingredients. The sealed steel rims also prevent food from getting trapped between the mesh and the rim. All sizes of fine mesh feature a sturdy polished and seal steel ring wire frame and have rust-proof firm fine double mesh strainer screens with securely attached long take care of, long take care of increase the loading capacity of the strainer and give protection to you from scalding when fishing out the pasta noodle from boiling water.

Contain – 1Pc Soup Juice Strainer for straining juice, milk, soup and other kind of liquid with a diameter of 15.5cm
Tiara Max Juice Strainer soup and juice strainer is made of top of the range stainless steel, it is extremely useful tool for kitchen, wire mesh of this strainer is very strong and of good quality, this strainer has hanger hole in its take care of for hanging on hooks.
This strainer is multipurpose suitable for flour, sugar, spices, rice, cocoa powder, noodles, fruits, beans, vegetables, juice, and the like.
Easy to clean: our fine mesh is made of durable stainless steel. Just clean the stainless steel filter screen in time and shake it gently in water to clean it.
Recent, trendy, designer and stylish with 4mm rod Steel and food grade mesh 304, Country of Origin: India


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