Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Strainer | Clip On Silicone Colander | Fits all Pots and Bowls – Orange Do not fall for the inferior designs and quality of the imitations, only the seller Home N’ Goods carries the original Snap n’ Strain from Kitchen Gizmo! The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain’s universal design will make straining so much easier to do! Made of top-quality silicone, this heat-resistant colander is the newest and most practical way to strain your food thoroughly without transferring the food out of the pot. The Snap N’ Strain is also flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. It snaps on neatly with two clips so you’ll be able to use both your hands to stabilize the pot even as you’re straining. The clips’ strong grip keeps it firmly attached to cookware even as in use or even even as you’re cooking too! Simply snap it into place, and let it handle the rest! Made with top-quality materials, the Snap N’ Strain can be a mainstay in your kitchen for years yet to come. It is going to drain liquids out and can withstand the straining of heavier foods like potatoes, keeping them in the pot. You don’t want to worry about the Snap N’ Strain taking up too much space either. With the compact design, you’ll be able to easily store it. Then when you want it again, you’ll be able to simply retrieve it without moving the other things in your kitchen around. FEATURES: Universal Design BPA-Free and FDA-Approved Compact Heat-Resistant Dishwasher Secure Quality Guaranteed* *Warranty only valid for defects in materials or craftsmanship, any damages caused by misuse will void the warranty. PACKAGE CONTENTS: One Snap N’ Strain Strainer (Orange) KITCHEN GIZMO – The Search for Perfection: We firmly consider that there is never a reason to settle for anything less than perfect. That’s why our kitchenware is ultimately the best in quality and performance.

ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS: This is the original Snap n’ Strain designed and manufactured by Kitchen Gizmo!
UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The specially designed clips will fit nearly all round pots, pans, and big and small bowls (including lipped bowls).
SPACE SAVING: Small, compact strainer that is easy to use and store in a quarter the size of the traditional colander. Great when working with limited counter space.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: One Snap N’ Strain Strainer (Orange)
KITCHEN GIZMO GUARANTEE: All our products come with a 1-year warranty. We can replace all defective products if purchased brand new from Amazon – free of charge.



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