REAP THE BENEFITS OF COPPER: The Better Home Pure Copper Water Bottle is BPA free and helps keep you and your circle of relatives hydrated without worrying about any bacteria development or toxic substances leaking into your water with the added benefits of copper water’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Copper water also aids digestion and detoxes certain organs!
ERGONOMIC SIZE AND DESIGN: Our pure copper bottle is made to be carried or stored comfortably, making it easy to pick out-up and put back at the same time as you sip water through the day.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND LEAK-PROOF: This bottle’s ergonomic design, light weight and leak-proof features make it the very best companion to be able to keep you hydrated, at home or at the go.
ECO-FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADABLE: Rust-free and super durable, our copper bottle is the ultimate sustainable choice in your circle of relatives and can also be reused on a regular basis without any waste.
EASY TO CLEAN: Unlike plastic bottles that may develop a yellow tint with long-term usage, our copper bottles are very easy to keep hygienic and can also be cleaned with vinegar, salt and water for fresh results.





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