Looking for bladder leak protection that gently cares for you and your beloved’s sensitive skin? Make a selection At all times Discreet Sensitive Postpartum Underwear for bladder protection that cares for skin. Its super absorbent RapidDRY core offers dry protection against leaks and cares for sensitive skin by turning liquid to gel and locking odors away. The underwear helps prevent moisture build-up and will provide you with As much as 100% leak-free protection that lasts As much as 12 hours. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the incredibly soft underwear has been dermatologically tested and made without fragrances, parabnens, and latex. Thanks to its 360 FormFit design, the incontinence underwear fits with regards to your body and smoothly under clothes, unlike bulky adult diapers. At all times Discreet Sensitive S/M Maximum Plus Absorbency Underwear is ideal for the heaviest of leaks and bladder loss at the same time as also offering maximum postpartum protection. When you’re experiencing light or frequent leaks, try At all times Discreet Sensitive liners or Sensitive pads. Make taking good care of sensitive skin a priority with At all times Discreet Sensitive Postpartum Underwear. Rise up to 100% protection for you or your beloved to feel confident. from natural rubber

Four times skin protection: soft, fragrance-free, dermatologically tested, with RapidDry
As much as 100% leak-free protection that lasts As much as 12 hours
made without parabens, latex, and fragrances
The super absorbent core turns liquid and odor to gel, for dry protection
For maximum postpartum protection


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