There comes a time when we as women start looking for something different, something outside the norm that we know in our hearts will make us feel better about ourselves and improve the planet we live to tell the tale. We use Lotus liners because they allow us to take care of our bodies in a better way.


First, we strongly recommend you do not use stain remover on your liners. It is not needed, stain resistance is built right into the fabric composition. Do not bleach your Liners, as it’s going to only fade the colour and unnecessarily breakdown the integrity of the fabric over time. To keep your Liners fresh and stain-free, we recommend soaking after use in cold water and rinsing them out by hand. For stubborn stains on your darkest day, a small amount of hand soap or dish soap will lift the stain in seconds.

Lotus Liners are very resilient and can be washed on a regular cycle with all your other items in both hot or cold water. The material color will not bleed or run, so including them with your other laundry items is absolutely safe. They are able to be put in the dryer, on a regular cycle and you never have to be concerned with shirking or twisting. Washing on the delicate cycle and hanging them to dry may prolong the life of your liners.

Always unsnap your liners whilst washing so all the contents are fully removed.


Lotus Liners are made from a durable long lasting material that has been engineered to last as long as five years if cared for by following our washing and drying instructions. We gladly ensure the lifetime warranty of our snaps. If your snap comes off from normal wearing, send the Lotus Liner to us, and we can be happy to replace it, no questions asked.

Buy your Lotus Liners today and join the new generation of women that say no to exposing their bodies to toxic chemicals and yes to preserving the planet for future generations!

THREE CONVENIENT CLOTH SANITARY PAD SIZES! We’ve created the perfect collection for you to enjoy, in the three sizes: 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. These stylish packs are ideal for getting started to determine which liner works best for you, on which day of your flow. Small liners are good for spotting days at the beginning and end of your cycle. Mediums are ideal for every day, and large are perfect for heavy days and overnight protection.
ADVANCED PERFORMANCE FABRIC! Lotus liners are made from an advanced synthetic material that is designed for maximum stain resistance, sanitation and cleanliness. The fabric is extremely absorbent to lock in moisture no matter how your flow changes during your period. The liner is also suitable for light incontinence protection, postpartum recovery and is a comfortable alternative to incontinence underwear for women.
EASY TO CLEAN! Our liners for women are machine washable in cold or warm water. Our stain resistant fabric menstrual pads come pristinely clean and do not require extra stain remover or bleach. Simply rinse your liner after use and toss in the laundry basket for laundry day. They dry perfectly in your dryer, or can be laid flat or hung to dry.
ECO FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE! Disposable maxi pads, panty liners and incontinence pads contribute millions of tons of waste to landfills annually. Not only do they create endless streams of waste, the manufacturing process uses toxic chemicals that can have an adverse have an effect on on a womens health. We use Lotus liners because they allow us to take care of our bodies in a better way whilst reducing the have an effect on we have on our planet.
EASY TO USE! We imagine Lotus Liners are the best washable feminine liner on the planet because we make them easy and convenient to use. Our all-in-one design means that there’s no preparation involved in wearing a Lotus Liner. Simply snap it on and go. Lotus Liners may last up to five years and have a lifetime warranty on the snap. If it breaks, we can happily replace it.


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