Embrace The way forward for menstrual relief with Ecoblossom hygienic & reusable menstrual cups!
Ecoblossom silicone menstrual cups were designed to provide women with a secure, comfortable, and odorless period for 12 hours without worrying about leaks or getting in the way of their mobility. This comfy and flexible menstruation cup is made the usage of medical-grade silicone to collect menstrual glide on light and heavy days without causing vaginal dryness so to maintain your body without relying on chemicals or harmful products.

Features you’ll love:
Made the usage of only non-toxic and secure to use silicone
These are better for your health and the environment
Won’t cause dryness or irritation
Designed with easy to clean rounded edges

Package Includes:
2 x Menstrual Cups – for all day comfortable
1 x Satin Menstrual Cup Bag –
For easy storage and on the go use
1 x User Manual – Easy to follow instructions that can assist you get started

Order Today To Embrace A More Hygienic & Feminine Menstrual Solution!

A MORE COMFORTABLE PERIOD – Continue your active daily life with fewer menstration cramps, less dryness, and reduced irritation.
12 HOURS OF PROTECTION – Regain your time and keep away from the inconvenience of changing your tampon, pad, or sea sponge each and every few hours.
LEAK PROOF & RELIABLE – Keep your underwear and clothes free from leaks and stains. Ecoblossom’s soft triple rim design conforms to your body for a perfect fit providing redundant leak prevention.
EASY TO USE – The menstrual disk intuitive design makes it easy so that you can fold, insert, and remove. The smart choice for young teens to adult women, light or heavy glide. Just wash or wipe clean and store in convenient cloth case.
SAFE & SUSTAINABLE – Cleaner alternative to disposable cups and feminine hygiene products, Our eco-friendly discs are FDA registered, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free making them the smart choice for the enviornment and secure choice for you.


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