Cleaning menstrual cups has never been easier!
All it’s a must to do is put the cup at the platform, close the lid, after which press the button! Your cup will likely be clean in three minutes!
Modern design with the recent feminine hygiene technology.
Absolute best for quickly sterilizing, cleaning, and storing your cup in a discrete device.

Brand new Design: Minimalist design that may be compact, discrete, and convenient. Absolute best fit for all cups and accessories.
Improved Method: Steam cleanser cleans more effectively than traditional boiling or microwave methods.
Easy to Use: Simply add 15ml (1 tbsp) of water press the button and look forward to device to finish sanitizing.
Automatic Shut Off: The sterilizer will robotically shut off after water has evaporated.
Environmentally Friendly: The cleaner is natural alternative that saves power and prolongs the cups life.




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