Cleaning your reusable menstrual cup shouldn’t have to take much effort.

Thanks to the growing interest in making choices that are good for the planet, more and more sustainable period products are becoming accessible to women. Period cups are one of the most accessories that help reduce landfill waste. Unfortunately, keeping them sterile can be a challenge, especially in case you are at all times on the move.

You will have to never use anything that isn’t completely clean in your body. The good news is, our sterilizer helps keep your reusable period products sanitized and secure for use wherever you are.

Cleanse your period cups the right way with the Carecup Menstrual Cup Sterilizer.

Designed for on-the-go women, our UV sterilizer for menstrual cups features a sleek white exterior. It looks nothing like a period product cleaner because of this you’ll be able to keep it anywhere you like without worrying about it looking out of place.

This sterilizing tool for period cups is much more energy-efficient compared to the traditional boiling and microwave methods. Plus, it does a better job of cleaning your cups, killing off 99.9% of unwanted substances in the process.

Its one-touch operation simplifies cleaning your menstrual cups. place your cup inside, and press the button! Your menstrual cup is clean in just 2 minutes! It automatically shuts off to prevent over sterilizing, helping your period cup last longer.

More reasons to love our menstrual cup UV sterilizer:

– Lightweight and portable
– Works with most cups and period accessories
– Modern, minimalist, and discreet design
– A practical present for the women in your life

Breeze through your periods with great ease. Add the Carecup Menstrual Cup Sterilizer to your cart TODAY!

Modern Aesthetic – Compact and discreet, it is a reusable menstrual cup cleaner that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Each of these menstrual accessories has a sleek, minimalist white exterior.
A Portable Menstrual Cup Sanitizer – Make sure your menstrual cups are completely clean before use with our period cup cleaner. At only 5.5×2.5″, it easily fits most trip bags for on-the-go cleaning.
Easy To Operate – Use this period cup sterilizer with the press of a single button! This mini sterilizer cleans your menstrual cup in 2 minutes. Just place your cup inside and press button.
UV Sterilizer – This menstrual cup cleaner includes auto-shutoff feature protects the longevity of your product. Keeps your period cup or menstrual disc clean and fresh without any hassle.
Practical, Economical – UV sterilization is an eco-conscious way of sanitizing your period products. Our menstrual cups cleaner also helps prolong cup life – unlike boiling or the use of the microwave!


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