Relieve even the stubbornest migraine symptoms with the CEFALY Dual Migraine Remedy and Prevention Device. This powerful electrode features 2 modes that soothe ongoing migraines and help stave off future attacks. Apply the self-adhesive electrode to your forehead to start soothing pain quickly. The device provides 2 Remedy modes to help alleviate your headache pain. The Acute Remedy program lasts 60 minutes and soothes ongoing migraine attacks, proven to relieve pain in up to 79 percent of patients and completely dissipating pain in 32 percent of patients. Mitigate the frequency of attacks with the Prevent Remedy, a daily program that lasts 20 minutes and reduces the number of migraine days. The CEFALY Dual comes with 1 reusable electrode to last for up to 20 applications. Do not use the device with the CEFALY 1 headband. Excellent for any sufferer of common migraines, the CEFALY Dual Migraine Remedy and Prevention Device gives you easy, drug-free handle even the worse migraine headaches.

DRUG-FREE MIGRAINE RELIEF. One Device. Two Settings. ACUTE Remedy for an active migraine attack and PREVENT Remedy for daily use to help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine symptoms. CEFALY’s compact design means that you can treat migraines anytime, anywhere. Great for home or work! Results may vary and can take up to 30 days to notice an improvement in migraine symptoms. FDA CLEARED and CE MARKED, CEFALY DUAL is CLINICALLY PROVEN and beneficial by healthcare providers.
ACUTE Remedy. Get relief from an active migraine attack in 60 minutes. Start Remedy at the onset of or all the way through a migraine attack. 79% of acute migraine victims saw pain relief and 32% of Acute migraine victims saw pain freedom. The ACUTE program can be utilized a couple of times per day for up to two hours per session. Acute Remedy of migraine with or without aura in patients 18 years of age or older.
PREVENT Remedy. For daily use, daily 20-minute preventative Remedy sessions can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine symptoms. Within three months of daily 20-minute PREVENT sessions with CEFALY, patients experienced a significant reduction in the number of migraine days. Preventative Remedy of episodic migraine pain for patients 18 years of age or older.
COMPATIBILITY. This device is not compatible for use with the CEFALY 1 headband (original model). The CEFALY DUAL device only works when the usage of the patented self-adhesive electrode that you apply to your forehead. Your CEFALY DUAL device purchase includes one reusable electrode, designed to last for up to 20 applications.




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