A device solving indoor suffocation, which is basically as a result of oxygen levels depletion indoors, we repeatedly consume OXYGEN and exhale Carbon dioxide. With AC culture, and Out of doors pollution we’ve got sealed ourselves indoors, WHERE IS OXYGEN? URBOX ECO is a great and sensible device enabled with AI and Machine learning, it repeatedly pumps OXYGEN indoors and maintains it at OPTIMAL desired levels. With options of settling on Oxygen Levels between 20%-25% range, the Indoor Unit captures AQI indoors, and maintains the OXYGEN level. Controls through IOS and Android App. The Product Accommodates of Out of doors Unit, Indoor Unit, and Dispensers. It is suitable for a room size of 300 Sq.Ft. High Altitude areas with freezing temperatures require additional precautions, heating apparatus & insulation, hence products for prime altitudes.

Breathe Healthy Live Healthy…
High Altitude Areas
Oxygen Optimization Indoors


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