With the ability to provide instant weight measurements and calculate body fat, hydration, muscle mass and bone measurements, the CKDCARES 400 lbs Digital Bathroom Scale is likely one of the most advanced bathroom scales. With embedded Step On technology, it automatically powers on upon contact. No more tapping needed to activate the scale. The CKDCARES Digital Bathroom Scale combines advanced algorithms with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BI), incorporating a person’s age, height, gender and weight to correctly calculate advanced measurements. BI is a well established and respected method used to estimate body fat and hydration. Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues with a relative high water content which conducts electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that then again displays much less electric conductivity. With BMI, the CKDCARES Scale sends a weak and harmless electrical current through your body to decide the amount of fat tissue. This weak electrical current is imperceptible to the user, and returns back data that may be used to instantly calculate the advanced measurements. The scale turns off automatically to conserve battery power. For Fat Scale, There is 8 data on your mobile, Weight, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle, Bone, BMR, Age, BMI

DIGITAL BATHROOM SCALE : Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2lb/0.1kg with 396lb/180kg capacity. 4 sensitive electrodes, 6mm tempered glass platform.
SYNC AND ANALYZE YOUR DATA WITH APP : Keep track of your progress. interacts with the app to assist inspire you to succeed in your objectives, preserve historical data, and monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly progress Our app works with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3, and iOS 7.0 or above; just scan the QR code in the user manual or search “OKOK International” or “Leaone” in the App Store or Google Play Store.
MODERN DESIGN : A distinct sleek surface with a brilliant backlit 3.2-inch LCD display that may be simple to read and clean, serving you both functionally and aesthetically anyplace.
12 ESSENTIAL MEASUREMENTS : The Bluetooth Smart Scale uses bio-electrical impedance analysis technology to estimate body Fat percentage, body Water percentage, Visceral Fat percentage, Muscle mass and Bone mass, BMR, BMI, Weight, Protein, Obesity, Body Age, LBM in total 12 sets synchronizing all measurements into paired in a position devices.
UNLIMITED USERS : The CKDCARES body fat scale means that you can track all of your family’s weight and health information through more than one accounts or profiles
EASY TO USE : Clear LED display is easy to read, Auto ON-OFF, Auto-calibration, Low battery & overload indication provide versatile functionality.
For Fat Scale, There is 8 data on your mobile, Weight, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle, Bone, BMR, Age, BMI


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