Why choose breather herbal cigarettes?

We at breather specialize in the development, manufacture and sale of smoking products and smoking accessories, such as tobacco substitutes, herbal blends, rolling paper, accessory kits, rolling trays, herb jars and so forth.

We have developed our herbal cigarettes after 7 years of experience in herbal smoking blends. We made up our minds that now is the time to take all our knowledge from the roll-your-own field to the cigarette field and to give more people the option to enjoy our product

Realleaf herbal cigarettes are made from selected, wild-growing plants with a history of centuries in the smoking field

Realleaf herbal cigarettes are 100% natural, tobacco and nicotine free and non-addictive

Smooth, delicate taste guaranteed not to leave any aftertaste provides a unique smoking experience

100% satisfaction guaranteed – If you don’t like the product, you are going to get your money back!

We are also working on vanilla, menthol and a lot more – so stay tuned!

Try and you are going to not regret it

Quit smoking – In the psychological aspect of quitting tobacco, an herbal cigarette provides an essential role as it lets you continue the smoking habit whilst the body gets rid of the addictive substance
Tobacco free – Made of selected wild herbs
Nicotine free – Form the moment you quit smoking it takes 72 hours for nicotine to leave the system- it’s a must to completely steer clear of nicotine throughout this period
Natural flavor – Neutral, delicate taste provides a perfect smoking experience
Non addictive – Do not contain any addictive substances


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