We all know how fast-paced life is and how our professional commitments can call upon us at any time. This one is strictly for the road, Portronics Clamp M2 car mobile holder to keep your mobile safe and handy even as you drive. A fully rotational 360° stand with a 180° pivoting arm so to navigate maps, and see notifications at an angle that doesn’t obstruct your vision. The telescopic arm may also be zoomed out to 40 mm for better viewing convenience. The body is made from dependable ABS that may be shock resistant and soft to keep your phone’s shiny back from scratches. The base has a gel-powered suction cup for a safe fixation that may be shock and bump-proof. The 1 push-release button permits you to easily pull out your phone so you head out of the car quickly. Accommodates mobiles with screens sizing from 4 inches to 6 inches. A driving essential for sophisticated endeavours.

[COMPATIBILITY] : The Clamp M2 car mobile holder can easily accommodate smartphones with screen sizes of 4 inches to 6 inches. Additionally it is designed intelligently so you’ll be able to connect any cables from the space below the charging port. Now you’ll be able to charge the phone and look at notifications better.
[ONE PUSH RELEASE] : Detaching your mobile is made simple with the one-arm release button at the arm. Pull off your mobile quickly with Clamp M2 car mobile holder.
[360°FULLY-ROTATIONAL BODY] : Mobile holder with a 360° rational body so to watch from your preferred angle after fixing the Clamp M2 car mobile holder to the dashboard or windshield. Find the viewing angle that doesn’t hamper your driving or GPS navigation. Further, the arm of Clamp M2 may also be extended to an angle of 180° so to adjust it just like you need.
[STRONG SUCTION CUP] : The gel-like suction cup is versatile as it can stick to both glass surfaces and plastic surfaces of the car. The Clamp M2 mobile holder provides bump-proof adhesion for everlasting effect. Change the position at will with the same adhesive power as the first use. The mobile holder is dependable and durable.
[ABS BODY] : It makes for a premium cradle for your smartphone for a scratch-free and shock-free affair. The Abs body provides for a firm grip that may be just perfect in that it protects your smartphone from grip marks.


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