【Super absorbency】This style of period panties absorbs up to 8 tampons’ worth even as it isn’t bulky, not thick at all. Fits for heavy days.

【How it works】It may be worn alone to replace liners, pads, tampons, cups or with tampon or a cup for extra protection.

【Upgraded leak-proof technology】Double process of handmade traceless compression with sewing on crotch, liner leak-proof 2.0 version upgraded design maximizes the super absorbency and prevents side leaks.

【Functional & Fashionable】Wearing a cute panty with absorbent function makes each woman peace of mind on period, you deserve it.

【Designer’s first recommendation】Offering a sporty cut and sleek microfibre finish, they’re the easiest shape for sports. Ideal for periods, maternity, postpartum, incontinence, menstrual.

Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Fit Type: Standard
Hi-tech Period Panties: built-in one-way wicking fabric catches & absorbs waft in seconds and locks away the wetness for up to 8 hours protection, the crotch all the time helps to keep dry & unscented, breathable.
Super Effective: double process of handmade traceless compression with sewing on crotch, enhanced liner leak-proof design maximizes the super absorbency of up to 8 tampons’ worth for up to 1OO% leak free.
Reusable Menstrual Panties: wear alone to replace pads or tampons or with menstrual cup as backup depends on your waft. Easy to wear & wash, no more costly liners or pads even as saving the planet.
Stretchy Leopard Underwear: chic waistband design and ultra thin sleek microfiber outer finish, incredibly lightweight & silky smooth like a second skin, perfect for heavier days, long journey.
Extra Surprise: the waterproof drawstring bag can be utilized as a great backpack for your period kit or store your changed period undies in public, The cord lock makes it very discreet & convenient.


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