320g/12Ounce (4Pack*3Ounce)

UNIVERSAL CLEANING GELS – Car cleaning gels are ideal for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto. Simple and convenient cleaning kits for electronic products & car interiors and place of business products such as PC laptop keyboards, printers, game consoles, cell phones, calculators, TV remote, speaker grill, fan grill, Xbox/ ps4/ Wii controller, air condition vent, car air vent, automobile dashboard, window sill and more.
EASY TO USE – FiveJoy is a convenient life helper. Cleaning mud can be utilized at any time anywhere. Take a piece of the car detailing kit, knead it into a ball, then lay the gel on the dirt surface, press it down 2-3 times and roll rather, then pull it up slowly, the dirt will be taken away with the cleaning slime. It permit you to save more time.
SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY – 100% eco-friendly & secure. Car cleaning putty are made of biodegradable gel, not sticky to hand, the light fragrance is very fresh and not pungent, totally no stimulation to skin. (Note: the cleaning gels aren’t edible, please keep them from your baby)
MULTIPLE COLORS & EFFICIENT – The 4-pack cleaning supplies have 4 colors including red, blue, green, and yellow. Quickly cast off dust and leaves no residue. 99.99% of harmful particles and dirt that survive your keyboard and other devices’ surfaces.
REUSABLE & EASIER STORAGE – Those keyboard cleaners can be utilized again and again till the compound turns nontransparent. Easier Storage – 320g total. Independent bag packaging is more convenient, not take up storage space in the car. Put the cleaning goo back in the sealed bag after use and Store in a cool environment away from direct sunlight, high or low temperatures. (Note: don’t wash the cleaning gels in water.)




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