Shampoo Is A Recurrently Used Personal Care Product That Is Intended To Clean Hair And Scalp.This Shampoo is reduce Hair For Hair Damage.It Usually Consists Of A Mixture Of Ingredients Including Surfactants, Moisturizers, Fragrances, And Occasionally Additional Ingredients Such As Colorants Or Conditioning Agents. The Primary Role Of Shampoo Is To Get rid of Oil, Dirt, And Other Impurities From The Hair And Scalp, Leaving The Hair Feeling Clean And Refreshed.Surfactants Are The Key Cleansing Ingredients In Shampoo. They Work By Lowering The Surface Tension Of Water, Allowing It To Penetrate And Get rid of Dirt And Oil From The Hair And Scalp. The Most Recurrently Used Surfactants In Shampoos Are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate And Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Despite the fact that There Are Many Other Surfactants To be had For Use In Shampoo Formulations.Moisturizers Are Added To Shampoo To Assist Counteract The Drying Effects Of Surfactants And To Provide Added Hydration To The Hair And Scalp. Some Recurrently Used Moisturizing Ingredients In Shampoo Include Glycerin, Panthenol, And Dimethiconol.Fragrances Are Added To Shampoo To Provide A Pleasant Scent. They Can Be Synthetic Or Derived From Natural Sources Such As Essential Oils. The Fragrance In Shampoo Is Intended To Be Long-Lasting, Remaining On The Hair Even After Rinsing.

It helps richly hydrate and nourish hair to keep them taking a look healthy and glossy. It effectively helps cancel out the damage caused by dandruff.
Natural ingredients that keep hair healthy, lustrous & strong Nourishing remedy to make hair shiny and smooth.
It helps prevent scaliness of scalp and dandruff and aids in hair nourishment to reduce breakage Hair Fall & Dandruff.
This gives beauty to the hairs, treating dryness and dandruffs.Target Audience: Men & Women,Protects hair from styling damage and breakage.
softens & strengthens the hair, resulting in going long lasting improvement a good way to leave thick hair more durable, flexible, silky vital & shiny.



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