How to Start your Reseller Hosting Business

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1. Introduction of Reseller Hosting Business in simple language

The last decade has been marked by an exploration of the Internet market and its use. This is the only reason that every tenth person in the world wants to own a website. This allows hosting companies to diversify a lot. The latest development in the online industry world is reseller hosting.

2. What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting or reselling refers to a type of hosting in which the hosting provider sells already owned hosting to multiple customers in your name.


You can get a better understanding of reseller sales with the help of an example.

Suppose you purchased a reseller-hosting package from a provider that provides you with 20000 MB of web space and 200000 MB of bandwidth, now you have to decide whether to sell it in more packages or keep it for your use.

You can charge them to pay according to the given location and bandwidth. The payment you receive will be yours, meaning that you will not have to share any amount with the company that owns the package.

3. Choosing the Best Reseller Package in 5 Simple Super Easy Steps:

Reseller Hosting Business
  1. Platform: The first and most important step in choosing a reseller-hosting provider is to choose the platform of the web server that the provider is using, such as using a web server on Linux, Windows, or Unix. You need to pay attention to customer needs. Many consumers use open source technologies such as Python, PRL or PHP.
  2. Features: After deciding on a platform, the result is to think about the features that users are usually looking for. It is commonly noted that users want features such as disk space, sub-domains, databases, bandwidth, backup, scripts like Perl, Python SSI, CGI, e-mail, FTP accounts and server uptime.
  3. Cost: Packages usually range between 9000 Rupees to 13000 Rupees.
  4. Support: If you are considering domains, technical issues and many other interrelated issues hosting 24/7 support services, then buy the package without further.
  5. Go with the best: Before choosing a reseller-hosting provider, you need to consider various reseller hosting providers. Plan your work and choose accordingly. He chooses the provider that will help you with good reseller hosting plans and services.

4. Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

After purchasing a hosting package, create a website that allows a certain amount of hosting.
Distribute the package among multiple users and then charge to pay accordingly.
Compare the market and charge customers according to your needs.
Keep in mind that there is heavy competition in the market. Therefore, charge your customers less than the market.
If you follow it then there is every opportunity to interact with more customers.

With this, you will be able to host your website and get the hosting of your choice for others. If you are blessed with intelligence, you can earn immense profit. However, you need to make sure that the reseller-hosting provider you purchase is a leading resource and that almost all services are convenient for you. This will help you and your business.

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