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1. What is fiverr.com?

Fiverr.com is a freelancing website in which you can easily earn money by creating your services and publishing them on the fiverr.com website.

To create services, first of all you have to create a gig, that is, you have to create a service. In the field in which you are best, that is, in the field in which you are more interested, choose the same work so that it will be easy for you to reduce and you will be able to provide the best service.

2. How to create a gig on fiverr.com?

To create a gig in Fiverr, you have to sign up in fiverr and then create a very attractive fiverr profile. To create a gig, you go to create a gig and then write the title of the gig which will be something like “will migrate your WordPress website.” Teh was an example, give the title of your service gig.

Then choose the category, select the service type, create the tags of your gig by selecting GIG METADATA, then save it and then you will have to create packages in the Pricing tab, that is, you will have to make the price of your gig ie service, then save Come and move on. In Briefly Describe Your Gig, when you reach the tab, you will have to write a description of your gig ie service and at the same time make a FAQ so that your buyer can better understand which service you are offering and what benefits are you giving all that buyer sees.

By going to the tab, you buy your service i.e. gig, keep this in mind and save one go ahead. In the Requirement tab, write all the information you need from the buyer to start the service of your gig, so that the buyer can give you all those requirements so that you can start reducing from your gig, then in the last you will get thumbnail videos of your gig. You upload and save more documents pdf, doc, then your gig i.e. service will be published. Then after seeing your gig, buyers will come to buy your gig, then you can also get custom orders.

3. How to reply to your fiverr buyer?

After watching your gig, whenever your buyer sends you a message, you will see their message in your inbox, just how you want your gig to work with your buyer, you will always have to reply politely so that the buyer is also happy and you are also happy and yes The buyer should answer the message correctly. Sometimes buyer can also give you some happy tips, so don’t forget to reply in the best way.

How to choose a gig for more profit?

First of all you have to improve your skills and don’t spoil your gig skills by looking at most of the gigs in the market. Choose the skill in which you are master because that will be your profit. Even if you want to learn more skills, you can do less by making Sikh gigs such as 3D Animation, 3D Modeling etc. And always keep improving this skill so that if any buyer messages you, then you should know all that so that you can build the trust of your buyer.

4. Conclusion

Finally your gig must be different. It means you should create a gig without copying from others’ gig. Make it unique. fiverr earning is the best way to get money online.

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